Mountain Festival Stories: Christian Arets

Our Mountain Festival blog saga continues with business consultant Christian Arets. Passionate about nature and outdoor sports, Christian relocated to Switzerland to pursue his love of snowboarding, skiing and photography.


Hi Christian, we heard that you have a head for heights! Can you tell us a bit about your passion for sports?

This winter I started paragliding - I particularly love the way it allows you to interact with the mountains and how the sport combines well with my other passions such as skiing, hiking and listening to music.  

How did you find out about the Mountain Festival, and what inspired you to go?

Being based in Wengen, a ski town above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, a few friends of mine told me about the event; although the real pull was a schedule packed with great activities. I was really impressed with the variety it offered and the quality of the trainers, leaders and speakers. 



What preparations did you make for the weekend and how did you train? Were there any essential items you brought along with you?

I’m lucky to live in a mountain town as it gives me the opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities on an a regular basis. My experience at last year’s Mountain Festival brought me in contact with outdoorsy, motivated and active people that trained once or twice a week - a basic level of fitness will suffice though for those who might be worried.

What was the best activity and workshop you went on?

I really enjoyed the night activities. The evening hike, presentations and speeches (particularly Simone Moro’s) were great. The workshop on photography was ideal and probably the one I enjoyed the most.




What challenges did you face?

There weren't any particular challenges for me as the festival was really well organised. I’m familiar with the Lauterbrunnen Valley area as well which was ideal.

Can you describe any memorable smells, tastes, touches and feelings from the weekend?

The sight of outdoor fireplaces mixed with light rain provided some perfect photo opportunities. There were also some unforgettable conversations that took place around campfires as we shared some delicious food and alcohol.

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What advice would you give to someone interested in attending this year?

The Mountain Festival provides an ideal platform to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world. The region is stunning and provides spectacular views on world famous mountain peaks, waterfalls and glaciers.

Describe your experience in less than 5 words.

Come experience the magic wonderland!